11 Best Customized Corporate Gift Ideas to Promote Your Brand

Your business relationships with your employees or clients can become a bit stressful sometimes. There might be a few differences, which you cannot neglect. The best way to fix the bridge is by special gifts. This is also one of the best ways to promote your brand in households. Usually, those who work with you or your surroundings know your brand. But there is no better way to reach all the households in Singapore than giving specialized gifts.

While choosing the gifts, you have to be very careful that it should be useful for all. You cannot make everyone happy with gifts but there are some gifts, which everyone would love to carry. It has to be something they need in their daily lives. They can be a lot of things. To ease your search, in this article, we are listing 11 most unique corporate gifts Singapore that will help you to mend the relationships while promoting your company at the same time.


Multi-functional folding kit

This multi-functional tool is made of stainless steel. It is not only a regular knife, but it has other functions too, such as

  • Can opener
  • Scissor
  • Saw
  • Fish scale
  • Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Leather punch
  • Needle
  • Nail cutter and cleaner
  • Wine opener

Cable key chain

This special tool will help you to keep your phone and external charger together. It can also be customized with your company logo

Pen with phone holder

What can a more purposeful gift than this be in today’s world? You can use it as a pen while working and at your off times, you can watch movies on your phone using the holder.

Wooden lunch box

A wooden lunch box one of the most amazing and unique gifts in Singapore. These lunch boxes are made to be environment-friendly. You can buy different designs. You can even carve your company logo on it.

Sunshade for car

This is an amazing gift. You can easily print your company’s logo on it. It is a great way to keep the interior of your car cool. It can also be used as a shade for the sun.

Wireless charging stand

This gadget will be very beneficial for the recipients. Now all the problems of bringing a charger or finding the plug are gone. Just put your phone above it and it will be charged automatically.

Foldable tablet stand

It is a great way to make video calls or using the tablet for watching movies or any videos. It will be very much helpful while giving a presentation as well.

Collapsible silicon mug

This is not an ordinary mug; you can use it multiple times and wash them after every use. This is an eco-friendly non-toxic product that everyone would love to carry. It’s easily portable. If you wish, you can put your brand’s logo on the sleeves.

Glass water flask

This water flask is made of glass, which is considered to be very healthy rather than plastic water bottles. It has a tea leaf filter and the lid is made of bamboo. It is one of the best ways to carry healthy water anywhere you go.

Censor alarm tag

This is one of the best accessories for security. You just have to put this tag on your luggage. If suddenly your luggage gets lost or snatched or stolen, the alarm will go off and you will be aware. You can customize it with your logo. This is one of the most unique corporate gifts.

Foldable umbrella

Whether it’s sunny or raining or snowing, keeping an umbrella with you will always be a good idea. You can easily design your brand logo on the skin of the umbrella. It is very common but still one of the best and noticeable ways of marketing

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